Liquid Band-Aid

Liquid Bandage is a semi transparent protective film formed by dissolving a film-forming material in a solvent and applying or spraying it tightly to the skin wound site. It has the characteristics of being bacteria resistant, breathable, waterproof, easy to use, easy to observe wound conditions, and promoting wound recovery.

Liquid bandages include two types: one is over-the-counter skin protectants that can protect surface abrasions and chronic bedsores; The second type is tissue adhesive used for surgical sutures, which is used to treat severe skin tears. Liquid band-aids originate from band-aids and belong to the category of medical devices. Due to their hemostatic properties, they belong to Class II or III medical device products. However, for liquid band-aids that contain drugs or have pharmacological effects, they cannot be registered and managed as medical devices, and must be managed as drugs.

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